Hosts Dieter & Vandy

Project: Trail Towns

Development to Execution

In 2019 I was approached at the conception/early development stage by the client to come on board as Executive Producer/Director. The basic concept was a cycle tourism show that visited different regions and towns throughout Australia. Not long afterward the globe was overtaken by the coronavirus. I began by putting a team together from the client’s own staff and started to teach and guide them on how to develop and produce a TV show. Working remotely from Amsterdam for much of the contract I traveled to Australia to Direct the 6 episodes of Season 1.

I was responsible for overseeing the distribution, budgeting, and production of Trail Towns. Secured funding for seasons 1 & 2, managed the entire team from pre-production through to completion. To ensure a high quality I also directed all of season 1. Negotiated distribution both domestically (Australia) and internationally for seasons 1-3.

With over 500,000 views, you can watch all of Season 1 on SBS Australia

Trailer for the Great Victorian Rail Trail on Youtube:

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